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After many frustrating nights with his Windows Vista Machine, The Apple cult convinces a new IMac is the solution to all his problems.  Bobs son knew better then this, and immediately rushed to call Verizon to purchase extended voicemail services.  What came out was a three round championship bout between Apple and GentlemanBob.  Please stay tuned for this epic trilogy.

Gentlemanbob gets locked out of his own computer.  The computer even says "Once ya do it, your fucked."   Looks like we got a long night ahead of us Bob.

As promised, the first installment of the Apple Saga.  During this call the IMac was still only days old, but Bob didn't have time to learn a new system he needed free products and coupons now.  You don't need any more free Fusion Razors Bob, a quick sneak into the hidden free stuff silo exposed what you see below.  

The Great Monitor Dilemma.  A great new Mac and no way to use it. 
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