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So there are two primary conflicting interests between Bob and Gentlemanbob that are always at War.  You see Bob is very "cost conscious," (he doesn't like to be called cheap).  However Gentlmanbob has the strongest urge to buy completely worthless gadgets.  In fact almost anything in the house that's electronic talks.  It's the good conscious vs the bad conscious 24/7.  As seen below it's a rather brutal struggle.  From coupons printed in the 1980's to Clocks so big the neighbors always know what time it is, it doesn't appear to be a battle that will be ending anytime soon.  
Light up Toilet Seat

Just in case the power is out, and it's night, and you're half blind, and you absolutely have to clip your toenails that very second.  

Just like your grandparents who keep their couches wrapped in plastic, and still wouldn't let you sit on them.  Gentlemanbob feels the same way about his gadgets.

New Gadget Shower Head
A new plate contraption for Gentlemanbob to eat on the run (around the house that is).  Thanks for explaining how it works Bob, we would of never figured it out.  

For those of you who remember GentlemanBob's "I've fallen and I can't get up," incident which was initially believed to be a lethal combination of sandals and plastic mats. However there is another break in the case and there might be another culprit.

Free Shit from last week.
Let's keep in mind Gentlemanbob has no dog or Vagina.  But whatever hair he has left now fully retains it's color and has fantastic volume.

The Disco doesn't end at the sink for Gentlemanbob as he heads out for a night on the town with gadgets included. 

New Gadgets and Gentlemanbob's weekly waste of money (Eye Glass cleaners, in which Gentlemanbob doesn't own a pair of glasses).

How to wake a Sleeping Giant.  Make It Rain Coupons.

Ever while washing your hands ask yourself, wow it would be cool if I had an LED Disco in my sink while I washed my hands.  Yeah me either, but Gentlemanbob sure did.

When it came time to confront Gentlemanbob about this, it was daytime so the more rational Bob tried to justify it as a safety device because it turns red when water gets over 100 Fahrenheit.  Well now that makes it totally worth it, good thing you bought two and still have one packaged!


Living in a gadget paradise.  
Fresh shipment of useless gadgets from China, found in his gadget hotspot.

Gentlemanbob not only likes to know what time it is, but he likes to make sure all the neighbors know the time as well.  Whatever money on the electric bill is saved by keeping the ac at a chilly 81 degrees all day, is burned up in this Las Vegas style light show.

And just in case you have trouble judging the true size, here it is next to his flavor wave.
So a sneak peak was already given into the Free Shit Silo 1, however after becoming properly equipped we were able to fully expose and display both Silo 1 and 2.  There appears to be others, however until proper airlift can be obtained with backup into the attic we may never know what other free shit is packing.  Here's some of what was found in the first two. 

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