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Welcome to  Having a frustrating day or week?  Sit back and take a listen, no matter how big your problem is GentlemanBob will make his problem sound much worse. 

The Story

Before you listen let me give you a little background on Bob.  Bob is a simple man.  Give him shelter, a good meal (a few good meals maybe), and someone to love and that's all he needs for salvation.  Well there is one other thing, and that's where this website comes in.  When dealing with strangers he might be very shy and under spoke, even when he really has something he wants to get off his Chest.  And when midnight rolls around his alter ego comes out, we'll call this alter ego GentlemanBob.  You see it's not the alter ego needed for his salvation but it's part of the vehicle he uses to get out his undue stress and frustration that we all face on daily basis.  It's an avenue to vent that is his final need.  This Alter-ego armed with a Verizon Blitz channels this to his sons voice mail on almost a nightly basis, and this website is designed to give you a peak in this realm of extreme anger and frustration.  Again, something we can all relate too but Bob feels the need to take this to another level, and contrary to popular belief God isn't the best listener. Now, take a listen for yourself.   

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